3.6. Reporting Bugs and Problems

3.6.1. Where to Send a Bug Report

If you are experiencing difficulties using EMBOSS and suspect you've found a bug you should report this to the EMBOSS Developers. There are two options here:

You may use SourceForge to report a bug or ask for help, although you're likely to get a reply sooner if you use the mailing list. All bugs reports are logged on SourceForge.

3.6.2. Before you Send a Bug Report

Before you post a bug report, please consider whether your issue really is a bug. More general requests for support (where you need help getting something done) and requests for new features (you want EMBOSS to do something it can't currently do) should be sent elsewhere (see Section 3.5, “How to Get Help”).

Please check the list of bug reports to see whether your problem has already been answered or logged:


3.6.3. How to Write a Bug Report

To help the EMBOSS Developers deal promptly with your query, please write as detailed a report as possible about the bug or problem. The bug report should include the standard information (Section 3.5, “How to Get Help”) for any support request. Please also provide as much detail about the problem as possible, including :

  • Whether the application crashed or not

  • What output you got

  • What output you were expecting

  • Paste into your bug report, or include as an attachment, the full command line session (if appropriate), i.e. what you typed at the command line and what output was printed to screen.

  • Attach the problematic input and output files (if any) or include an excerpt from same.