Chapter 3. Getting Started

Table of Contents

3.1. Application Documentation
3.1.1. Online Documentation Application Groups EMBASSY Packages Applications
3.1.2. AJAX Command Definition (ACD) Language
3.1.3. Interfaces
3.2. Navigating the Application Documentation
3.2.1. Navigating the Tabular Documentation
3.2.2. Sections in the Application Documentation
3.3. How to Contribute
3.3.1. EMBOSS Coordination Meetings
3.3.2. Collaborations
3.4. Project Mailing Lists
3.4.1. User Mailing List
3.4.2. Developer Mailing List
3.4.3. Announcements Mailing List
3.4.4. Mail Archives User Mailing List Archive Developer Mailing List Archive
3.5. How to Get Help
3.5.1. EMBOSS Documentation
3.5.2. EMBOSS Frequently Asked Questions
3.5.3. Asking for Help Before you Send a Request for Support How to Write a Request for Support
3.5.4. Suggesting New Features and Applications
3.6. Reporting Bugs and Problems
3.6.1. Where to Send a Bug Report
3.6.2. Before you Send a Bug Report
3.6.3. How to Write a Bug Report
3.7. EMBOSS Training
3.7.1. EMBOSS Tutorial
3.7.2. EMBOSS Developers Course
3.7.3. EMBOSS Workshops