3.5. How to Get Help

Various sources of help are available:

3.5.1. EMBOSS Documentation

EMBOSS is well documented and it's likely that answers to your questions are already there. Read the manual:

  • EMBOSS Users Guide provides comprehensive documentation for users of EMBOSS.

  • EMBOSS Developers Guide includes documentation for software developers.

  • EMBOSS Administrators Guide includes documentation for system administrators.

The EMBOSS Web Site (http://emboss.open-bio.org/) provides auxiliary and reference documentation for end-users, developers and administrators that is not included in the printed manuals.

3.5.2. EMBOSS Frequently Asked Questions

EMBOSS maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers. The FAQ is available in The EMBOSS Administrators Guide. The FAQ is also distributed with EMBOSS in the file FAQ in the top-level directory.

3.5.3. Asking for Help

If you are having difficulties with any aspect of EMBOSS, or if it doesn't do something you need, you have various options:

You may use either the mailing lists or SourceForge to ask for help, although you're likely to get a reply sooner if you use the mailing list. Before you Send a Request for Support

Before you contact the mailing list or post on SourceForge, please check that your question hasn't already been answered somewhere. There are a few options here: How to Write a Request for Support

To help the EMBOSS developers deal promptly with your query your message should describe:

  • The version of EMBOSS or EMBASSY package used.

  • The interface used (command line, EMBOSS Explorer, Jemboss etc.)

  • The application(s) that were run.

  • The hardware platform (PC, Sun, SGI etc.)

  • The Operating System (OS) (Linux, Windows XP etc.)

  • The OS distribution type (e.g. Fedora, SuSE etc.) and version where appropriate.

Please be as clear, detailed and precise as possible. Your message should describe:

  • Exactly what you are trying to achieve

  • What you've tried already

  • What input file(s) and options you used

  • How the output you get differs from what you need

3.5.4. Suggesting New Features and Applications

Suggestions for new applications and functionality are most welcome. You have two options:

All feature requests are logged on SourceForge. If your feature has already been requested, please still get in touch as it helps the EMBOSS developers assign priority to development jobs.