9.10. Troubleshooting

Hints for troublehsooting are given below (Table 9.1, “Troubleshooting Jemboss).

Table 9.1. Troubleshooting Jemboss
ProblemPotential ReasonSolution
Selected function seems to be taking too longSlow connection / low compute powerCheck connection / available memory
Data to be processed is largeBe more patient
Too many windows openClose any unnecessary windows
A java software failureTry clicking on a program in the alphabetical list (Section 9.4.4, “Alphabetical Program List”) which may halt the current function
A java software failureOpen the task manager and close the Jemboss application
EMBOSS/EMBASSY program or internal database missingCheck all additional software has been installed
Error message ; sequence unavailableExternal database unavailableRetrieve data from a different source
Mis-typed USARe-enter correctly
Empty sequence file / wrong sequence formatCorrect file data
Login Server failed to check detailsMis-typed entry in initial loginRe-login with correct username and password
Server connection unavailableCheck remote server has not gone down
File in file manager fails to openData not in text formatRe-save data as text file
Default not visible in program form (particularly in alignment programs)Consult documentation (Section 9.9, “Documentation”) for relevant EMBOSS program