1.5. Contributing Software to EMBOSS

1.5.1. Please Submit your Code!

It's likely your in-house developments of EMBOSS will be valuable to others. Please submit your code. You can discuss what you've done with the EMBOSS developers:


Otherwise, if you have software that's ready to submit, please send the code and documentation to:


If your additions are of general utility they will be added to the package. The EMBOSS developers will assist you in making any necessary changes to the code, or do this for you.

1.5.2. Types of Code Submission

The long-term success of EMBOSS relies on code submissions from external developers. Submissions might include:

  • Extensions to the existing AJAX or NUCLEUS libraries

  • Extensions to the existing EMBOSS or EMBASSY applications

  • Code for new libraries or applications

  • Code in response to an EMBOSS feature request

  • Code fixes in response to EMBOSS bug reports

  • Scripts and other software that call the EMBOSS applications

  • Something else

1.5.3. Known Required Developments

There are many areas that are known to require software development. If you're thinking of contributing, please review the list of known requirements first:


The list includes proposals for new applications, requests for major new features and other proposed developments that have been submitted by EMBOSS users. Work in these areas will certainly be valuable, so if any of the known requirements interests you, please volunteer to work on it.

If you've a coding project that isn't a known requirement, then your code is still very welcome. Please contact the mailing list with your idea. The request will be logged in case you haven't time to work on it yourself. EMBOSS Feature Requests and Bug Reports

A very valuable way to contribute is to write code in response to EMBOSS feature requests and bug reports posted by the EMBOSS users. These are logged on SourceForge: