1.4. Project Mailing Lists

There are three EMBOSS mailing lists which you can join. These provide a forum for discussions about EMBOSS and its future development and are a valuable source of help. Subscription requests will be approved by a moderator.

1.4.1. User Mailing List


This is an open list (anyone can join) for general announcements and discussions by end-users. To subscribe to this list, please visit:


1.4.2. Developer Mailing List


This is a closed list for discussions by developers using EMBOSS. To subscribe to this list, please visit:


If you wish to contribute to EMBOSS, please send the code and documentation to:


1.4.3. Announcements Mailing List


This is a list for major announcements, mostly about new releases and updates. It has far fewer postings than the other groups and is suitable for system administrators who want to keep the software updated but who have little interest in other discussions. To subscribe to this list, please visit:


1.4.4. Mail Archives

Archives of previous postings to the discussion mailing lists are available. User Mailing List Archive


This is the archive of emboss@emboss.open-bio.org. Developer Mailing List Archive


This is the archive of emboss-dev@emboss.open-bio.org.