Chapter 1. Getting Started

Table of Contents

1.1. Licence Information
1.1.1. GPL
1.1.2. LGPL
1.1.3. Licensing under EMBASSY
1.2. Installation of CVS (Developers) Release
1.2.1. Downloading via CVS
1.2.2. Keeping up-to-date with CVS
1.2.3. Configuration
1.2.4. Compilation Static and Dynamic Compilation
1.2.5. Setting your PATH
1.2.6. Testing all is Well
1.2.7. Database Setup
1.2.8. EMBASSY Packages
1.3. Developer Documentation
1.3.1. Application Documentation
1.3.2. Library Documentation AJAX Library Documentation NUCLEUS Library Documentation
1.3.3. Navigating the Libraries Library File Documentation Function Documentation Object (C data Structure) Documentation
1.3.4. The Source Code Navigating the Source Code using SRS
1.3.5. Demonstration Applications
1.3.6. Programming Guides
1.3.7. AJAX Command Definition (ACD) Developers Guide and Syntax
1.3.8. C Coding Standards and Guidelines
1.3.9. Quality Assurance Guidelines
1.3.10. Code and Application Documentation Standards
1.3.11. EMBOSS Software Development Course
1.4. Project Mailing Lists
1.4.1. User Mailing List
1.4.2. Developer Mailing List
1.4.3. Announcements Mailing List
1.4.4. Mail Archives User Mailing List Archive Developer Mailing List Archive
1.5. Contributing Software to EMBOSS
1.5.1. Please Submit your Code!
1.5.2. Types of Code Submission
1.5.3. Known Required Developments EMBOSS Feature Requests and Bug Reports