3.11. Troubleshooting JEMBOSS Installation

If a Jemboss server was working but has stopped doing so then stop the server using the tomstop script, check that the server process has stopped and kill it if not, and then restart the server using the tomstart script. Allow 30 seconds for the server to stabilize.

If the client/server installation fails, and if the cause is not immediately obvious, then two log files may help diagnose the problem. Using the installation example above these are:



The most common problems are:


Note that if you have to try reinstalling Jemboss then you must start from scratch. We'll repeat that; you must start from scratch! Installation of Jemboss modifies things in most directories such that they cannot easily be set back to their default contents by any other means than deletion and re-extraction. So, delete:

then re-extract them from their tarballs.