Chapter 3. Building Jemboss

Table of Contents

3.1. Introduction to Jemboss
3.1.1. Jemboss as a Client/Server
3.1.2. Jemboss as a standalone GUI
3.2. Installing as a Standalone GUI
3.2.1. Prerequisites
3.2.2. Current Software Versions
3.2.3. Compiling EMBOSS for use with the Standalone Jemboss
3.2.4. Post-installation of the Standalone GUI
3.3. Installing as an Authenticating Client Server
3.3.1. Prerequisites
3.3.2. Current Software Versions
3.3.3. Client-Server Installation Setting-up EMBASSY Packages Installing Tomcat and Axis Adding EMBASSY Packages to the Server (post-installation)
3.4. Installing as a Non-authenticating Client Server
3.5. Technical Details of Authentication
3.6. Starting and Stopping the Jemboss Server
3.6.1. Creating a Web Launch Page for the Jemboss Authenticating Server
3.7. What to do if your Certificates Expire
3.8. The File
3.9. Setting up Jemboss to use Batch Queuing Software
3.10. Setting up the Clients
3.11. Troubleshooting JEMBOSS Installation
3.12. Jemboss Installation: Platform-specific Concerns
3.12.1. MacOSX General Prerequisites When Running the Script
3.12.2. IRIX General Prerequisites When Running the Script