Application Groups


Acd Acd file utilities
Alignment Sequence comparison and alignment
Alignment consensus Merging sequences to make a consensus
Alignment differences Finding differences between sequences
Alignment dot plots Dot plot sequence comparisons
Alignment global Global sequence alignment
Alignment local Local sequence alignment
Alignment multiple Multiple sequence alignment
Assembly fragment assembly DNA sequence assembly
Data resources Data resources
Data retrieval Data retrieval
Data retrieval chemistry data Chemistry data retrieval
Data retrieval feature data Sequence feature data retrieval
Data retrieval ontology data Ontology data retrieval
Data retrieval resource data Resource data retrieval
Data retrieval sequence data Sequence data retrieval
Data retrieval text data Text data retrieval
Data retrieval tool data Tool data retrieval
Data retrieval url data Url data retrieval
Display Publication-quality display
Documentation Documentation
Edit Sequence editing
Enzyme kinetics Enzyme kinetics calculations
Feature tables Manipulation and display of sequence annotation
HMM Hidden markov model analysis
Menus Menu interface(s)
Nucleic 2d structure Nucleic acid secondary structure
Nucleic codon usage Codon usage analysis
Nucleic composition Composition of nucleotide sequences
Nucleic CpG islands CpG island detection and analysis
Nucleic functional sites Nucleic acid functional sites
Nucleic gene finding Predictions of genes and other genomic features
Nucleic motifs Nucleic acid motif searches
Nucleic mutation Nucleic acid sequence mutation
Nucleic primers Primer prediction
Nucleic profiles Nucleic acid profile generation and searching
Nucleic properties Nucleic acid physicochemical properties
Nucleic repeats Nucleic acid repeat detection
Nucleic restriction Restriction enzyme sites in nucleotide sequences
Nucleic RNA folding RNA folding methods and analysis
Nucleic transcription Transcription factors, promoters and terminator prediction
Nucleic translation Translation of nucleotide sequence to protein sequence
Ontology Ontologies
Ontology edam Edam ontology
Ontology go Go gene ontology
Ontology taxonomy Ncbi taxonomy
Phylogeny consensus Phylogenetic consensus methods
Phylogeny continuous characters Phylogenetic continuous character methods
Phylogeny discrete characters Phylogenetic discrete character methods
Phylogeny distance matrix Phylogenetic distance matrix methods
Phylogeny gene frequencies Phylogenetic gene frequency methods
Phylogeny molecular sequence Phylogenetic molecular sequence methods
Phylogeny tree drawing Phylogenetic tree drawing methods
Protein 2d structure Protein secondary structure
Protein 3d structure Protein tertiary structure
Protein composition Composition of protein sequences
Protein domains Protein domain analysis
Protein functional sites Protein functional sites
Protein modifications Protein post-translational modifications
Protein motifs Protein motif searches
Protein mutation Protein sequence mutation
Protein profiles Protein profile generation and searching
Protein properties Protein physicochemical properties
Test Testing tools, not for general use.
Utils Utility tools
Utils database creation Database installation
Utils database indexing Database indexing