8.2. Managing Projects and Files

When you access wEMBOSS, you first get the Project Management page. To be free of the need to navigate up and down in a UNIX file system, wEMBOSS uses the notion of "projects", which actually still are UNIX directories, but are presented in a different way. All projects are located inside the directory wProjects and can be nested to any depth. When you log in for the first time in wEMBOSS, wProjects is created and you are prompted to create an initial project.

In the top frame of the Project Management page there is a Project or PM selector, which allows you to navigate directly from one project to another. The names of the projects appear in the selector as e.g.


where day1 is a subproject of exercise and exercise is at the top. You can, from a program page (see below), always return to the Project Management page by clicking on PM.

The PROJECT MANAGEMENT area contains a number buttons to perform the following tasks :

New project

Create a new project. By default new projects are created at the top (that is, inside wProjects) but if you check the subproject? box the new project is instead created inside the current project.

Rename proj.

Change the name of the current project

Move proj. to

Move the current project (and its subprojects) to another location in the projects hierarchy

Delete proj.

Delete the current project (and its subprojects). Be careful with this, because a deleted project with all its content is irrevocably lost, pressing the "back" button of your Web browser does not help.

The PROJECT FILES area contains a selector showing the names of the data files in the current project. You can select/deselect files by clicking with the mouse (eventually in combination with the <Shift> or the <Ctrl> key). The FILE TYPE box allows you to type in "filter" text to selectively display only some file names. You can :

New file

Create a new file. An empty text area will appear underneath.


Look at a selected file. The content of a text file will usually appear in a pop-up window, binary files will be saved on your PC. For certain filenames wEMBOSS will propose that you save the file or view it using a plug-in (see below, plug-ins). If you insist on seeing the file as text, you can copy it to another name or use the Edit function.


Edit a selected file. Its content will appear in a text area underneath.


Copy one or more selected files. A COPY FILES area will appear underneath. You can copy one file to the same project while changing its name and you can copy several files at the same time to another project. Note that after a Copy operation the destination project becomes the current project.


Delete one or more selected files.

List G-E&G

The reason for this is historical. It converts a selected GCG style List File into an EMBOSS style List File.

View with

Open a selected file with an applet from the selector (see below, applets)


Copy a file from your PC to the current project ; you can type the name of the file (with its full path) in the box or use the file browser.

You can obtain an online manual for wEMBOSS Project Management by clicking on PROJECT MANAGEMENT, PROJECT FILES or PROJECT RESULTS.

Project Management