Chapter 8. Using EMBOSS under WEMBOSS

Table of Contents

8.1. Introduction
8.2. Managing Projects and Files
8.3. Running programs
8.3.1. Managing Old Outputs
8.3.2. Time-consuming Programs
8.4. Handling Input and Output
8.4.1. Handling Sequences
8.4.2. Handling Graphical Output
8.4.3. Handling Various Kinds of Input/Output Data
8.5. Plug-ins and Applets
8.6. Bugs and Fixes
8.7. wEMBOSS Tutorial
8.7.1. Exercise : Starting up wEMBOSS, creating a "project", running a program
8.7.2. Exercise : Accessing "public" databanks, using the sequence selectors, managing graphical output
8.7.3. Exercise : running a program on multiple sequences, using the output of one program as input of another, using plug-ins and applets