3. Key Features for Developers

3.1. Support for developers

External contribution is important to the success of the project. External EMBOSS developers are well supported:

  • The source code is fully documented.

  • SRS databases help to search and navigate the code.

  • The myemboss EMBASSY package is provided for local development.

  • The GNU tools (automake, libtool, etc.) are used for building myemboss and the main package.

  • The EMBOSS Developers Guide provides comprehensive documentation for software developers.

  • The EMBOSS Administrators Guide provides comprehensive documentation for system administrators.

  • The EMBOSS Web Site provides auxiliary and reference documentation for developers and administrators.

  • A mailing list (Section 1.4, “Project Mailing Lists”) for discussions about development can be subscribed to.

  • A mailing list (Section 1.4, “Project Mailing Lists”) for reporting bugs has a good response time.

  • A developer training courses is available.

  • Example application code illustrating the use of each library is in development.

3.2. C programming library development

The EMBOSS C programming libraries (AJAX and NUCLEUS) provide a toolkit for rapidly creating robust bioinformatics applications. They provide:

  • A comprehensive set of basic functions, e.g. general string handling, pattern matching, sorting, iteration and fast database indexing.

  • Extensive libraries for sequence manipulation and analysis.

  • Additional programming libraries for core areas.

  • Consistent application programmers interface (API). The developer need not know the internals to use the libraries; knowledge of the function parameters and outputs (which are documented) is sufficient.

  • Functions are well documented.

  • Functions and function parameters have standardised names.

  • All code in ANSI standard C.