2.7. Post-installation of the EMBASSY Packages

No post-installation should be necessary as you will have followed the post-installation instructions when installing the main EMBOSS package. Of course, if you are using a csh shell variant then you'll have to type rehash to access the installed programs, or log out and back in again.

2.7.1. Testing an EMBASSY Installation

An easy way to check that the EMBASSY packages have been installed is to use the EMBOSS application wossname.

% wossname
Finds programs by keywords in their one-line documentation
Keyword to search for, or blank to list all programs:

domainreso       Remove low resolution domains from a DCF file

domainnr         Removes redundant domains from a DCF file
domainseqs       Adds sequence records to a DCF file
domainsse        Add secondary structure records to a DCF file
scopparse        Generate DCF file from raw SCOP files
ssematch         Search a DCF file for secondary structure matches

The abbreviated output above shows that the DOMAINATRIX programs have indeed been installed.

2.7.2. Deleting an EMBASSY Package

If you've kept the source code tree from which you'd done the make install then, to delete a specific EMBASSY package, go to the top level of its source code tree and type:

make uninstall

If you didn't keep the source code tree then the preferred method of uninstallation is to reinstall the EMBASSY package on top of itself and then uninstall as above.

2.7.3. Keeping EMBASSY up to Date

Any update to an existing EMBASSY package will have a new version number. It will be found at the top level of our FTP server.


You should delete the existing EMBASSY package and reinstall the new one

2.7.4. Reinstallation of EMBASSY and EMBOSS

If you install a new version of EMBOSS then you should also download and reinstall all the EMBASSY packages. The EMBASSY packages on our FTP server are tailored to match the current EMBOSS version.


There will not usually be added functionality in such an EMBASSY package therefore its version number may not change.