Data type AjPQueryField

Ajax Query Field object.

Holds data needed for a specific field query This must refer to an field name (id, acc or any other queriable field) and the query string including wildcards specified by the user

Alias name(s)



FieldAjPStrField name
WildqueryAjPStrQuery Wildcard
LinkAjEQryLinkLink to previous queries

Data type AjPQuery

Ajax Query object.

Holds data needed to interpret an entry specification This can refer to an entry name (or "id"), and accession number or other queriable items.

AjPQuery is created with the entry specification part of a USA (Uniform Sequence Address) or euivalent for other data types. The syntax is currently related to that used by SRS release 5.1.

Alias name(s)



SvrNameAjPStrServer name used by EMBOSS
DbNameAjPStrDatabase name used by EMBOSS
DbAliasAjPStrDatabase name used by access method
DbTypeAjPStrDatabase type
QueryFieldsAjPListQuery field list
ResultsListAjPListQuery results list
ResultsTableAjPTableQuery results table
MethodAjPStrName of access method
QlinksAjPStrSupported query link operators
FormatstrAjPStrName of input format for parser
IndexDirAjPStrIndex directory
DirectoryAjPStrData directory
FilenameAjPStrIndividual filename
ExcludeAjPStrFile wildcards to exclude (spaced)
DbFieldsAjPStrQuery fields (plus id and acc)
DbFilterAjPStrDatabase filter (query) fields
DbReturnAjPStrDatabase attribute (returned data) fields
DbIdentifierAjPStrDatabase primary identifier field
DbAccessionAjPStrDatabase secondary identifier field
DbUrlAjPStrQuery URL
DbProxyAjPStrProxy host
DbHttpVerAjPStrHTTP version
ServerVerAjPStrServer version
FieldAjPStrQuery field
QryStringAjPStrQuery term
ApplicationAjPStrExternal application command
FposajlongFile position from fseek
TextAccessvoid*Text access function : see ajtextdb.h
Accessvoid*Datatype-specific access function : see ajseqdb.h ajobodb.h and others
QryDatavoid*Private data for access function
QueryTypeAjEQryTypeEnumerated query type
DataTypeAjEDataTypeEnumerated datatype general scope
QryDoneAjBoolHas the query been done yet
SetServerAjBoolTrue if server data has been set
SetDatabaseAjBoolTrue if database data has been set
SetQueryAjBoolTrue if query data has been set
WildAjBoolTrue if query contains '*' or '?'
CaseIdAjBoolTrue if ID match is case-sensitive
HasAccAjBoolTrue if entries have acc field
CountEntriesajuintNumber of entries processed
TotalEntriesajuintNumber of entries found
Paddingchar[4]Padding to alignment boundary

Data type AjPQueryList

Query processing list of queries from a list file.

Includes data from the original query (

Alias name(s)



QryAjPStrCurrent query
FormatstrAjPStrFormat name from original query
FormatajuintFormat enumeration
Paddingchar[4]Padding to alignment boundary