[EMBOSS] wEMBOSS-1.6.0 & wrappers4EMBOSS-1.4.0 release

Martin Sarachu msarachu at biol.unlp.edu.ar
Mon Apr 17 16:55:47 EDT 2006

This is to announce the release of both wEMBOSS-1.6.0 and

Changes in wEMBOSS-1.6.0 includes:
  - compatibility with new datatypes in EMBOSS-3.0.0
  - better conversion of ACD expressions to Perl to maintain
the same order of priority as in EMBOSS
  - increased speed by preprocessing EMBOSS datafiles

Changes in wrappers4EMBOSS includes:
  - all programs that compute a gap penalty of type a*n+b now have
parameters -gappenalty and -gaplength instead of -gapopen and -gapextend
  - muscle version updated for MUSCLE-3.6
  - support for EMBOSS v2.9, 2.10 and 3. EMBOSS-2.8 is no longer supported
  - fastapid uses matrices coded in the software rather then read from files
  - indexsearch can also run with SRS 8 and it also fully runs on
command line

We are experiencing some dificulties at the wEMBOSS site so you can 
download both files at http://www.ar.embnet.org/downloads
Shortly you will be able to download both at http://www.wemboss.org as 
wEMBOSS includes wrappers4EMBOSS but if you want to use just
wrappers4EMBOSS on the command line just like any EMBOSS program you can
download it separately.


the wEMBOSS & wrappers4EMBOSS dev team.

Martin Sarachu
msarachu at biol.unlp.edu.ar

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