1. EMBOSS Acknowledgements

The EMBOSS developers would like to thank the Funding Bodies who have supported the project and the many people who have contributed. If you are omitted from the list below please accept our apologies and let us know. Special thanks to all our users who have given valuable suggestions, criticism and praise over the years.

1.1. Funding Bodies

Wellcome Trust

1.2. Contributors

Peter Rice and Alan Bleasby were the instigators of the project. Peter was the original project coordinator and, after working for Lion Bioscience and the Sanger Centre, moved to the EMBL-EBI. He runs the EBI Rice Group which houses the EMBOSS project.
Alan Bleasby wrote the original AJAX library while at Daresbury Laboratory and now coordinates the project with Peter Rice. After working at the MRC HGMP-RC, Alan moved to the EBI to work full time on EMBOSS in 2005.
Jon Ison has contributed to all areas of the project since 2000 and now helps coordinate the project working full time with Peter and Alan.
Michael Schuster for contributing code to interface with the ENSEMBL database.
Mahmut Uludag for various contributions.
Gary Williams for writing applications and documentation, providing user support and many other contributions.
Tim Carver who was a long standing contributor. He designed, implemented and supports Jemboss.
Lisa Mullan for many contributions at EMBOSS meetings. She wrote training materials, organised training courses and gave talks.
Ian Longden for work on all aspects of EMBOSS whilst working full-time on a Wellcome Trust grant and in particular, for incorporation of graphics.
David Martin for new applications, bug testing and documentation.
Guy Bottu for wEMBOSS documentation, many valuable bug reports and suggestions.
Nicolas Joly for many bug reports and suggestions.
Damian Counsell for contributions at EMBOSS meetings and work on the documentation.
Hugh Morgan for work on the graphics libraries.
Claude Beazley for work on CORBA integration.
Ranjeeva Ranasinghe, Waqas Awan and Michael Hurley for work on the protein structure applications.
Bijay Jassal for contributions at EMBOSS meetings and SRS interface support.
Val Curwen for contributing applications, documentation and developing training materials.
Richard Bruskiewich for work on GFF and windows.
Catherine Letondal for integration with PISE.
Kathryn Beal for integration with SPIN.
Thomas Laurent for work on the SRS interface.
Rodrigo Lopez for work on the CpG island applications and for general encouragement.
Sinead O'Leary for contributing applications.
Thon de Boer for ACD documentation
Mark Faller for work on EMMA and other projects.
Andre Blavier for the original windows port.
Martin Sarachu, who has sadly passed away, and Marc Colet for wEMBOSS.
Luke McCarthy for EMBOSS Explorer.
Peter Cock for FASTQ and other sequence format validation.
David Bauer, Thure Etzold, Martin Senger, Tom Oinn, Don Gilbert, Will Gilbert, Rodger Staden, Bill Pearson, Simon Kelley, Ewan Birney, Susan Jean Johns and anyone we've missed for their contributions.
Janet Thornton, Graham Cameron, Michael Ashburner, Martin Bishop and Richard Durbin for their support.