6.5. Graphical Output

Qualifiers are used to specify the name and output directory for the output graphics files and titles (for instance for axes) that are used in the graphs.

The qualifiers below apply to the following ACD datatypes:

6.5.1. Description of Qualifiers

-gprompt "boolean" ("N")Graph prompting.

-gdesc "string" ("")Graph description.

-gtitle "string" ("")Graph title.

-gsubtitle "string" ("")Graph subtitle.

-gxtitle "string" ("")Graph x axis title.

-gytitle "string" ("")Graph y axis title.

-goutfile "string" ("")Output file for non interactive displays.

-gdirectory "string" ("")Output directory. Usage Examples

For non-interactive displays, the graphical output can be redirected to a file. An output directory (-gdirectory) and file -goutfile may be set. For example:

tmap seq.in -rdirectory graphs -goutfile graph.out