Welcome to the EMBOSS Developers Manual

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1. Getting Started
2. Chapter 2. Your First EMBOSS Application
3. Chapter 3. Software Development under EMBOSS
4. Chapter 4. ACD File Development
5. Chapter 5. C Programming
6. Chapter 6. Programming with AJAX
7. Chapter 7. Quality Assurance
8. Chapter 8. Application Documentation
9. Chapter 9. A Complete Application
10. Chapter 10. Incorporating Third-party Applications
11. Appendix A. ACD Syntax Reference
12. Appendix B. Libraries Reference
13. Appendix C. C Coding Standards
14. Appendix D. Code Documentation Standards
15. Appendix E. Resources

This manual was written with newcomers to EMBOSS in mind. You will benefit from at least a basic appreciation of molecular biology and some familiarity with UNIX and the C programming language. You should know how to open, use, save and close files using a text editor. It will also help if you've used the EMBOSS programs and are familiar with the command line (see the EMBOSS Users Guide).

All of the material in the EMBOSS Guides is available on the EMBOSS web site: