Chapter 4. ACD File Development

Table of Contents

4.1. Introduction to ACD File Development
4.1.1. ACD Files
4.1.2. ACD General Syntax ACD File Names Whitespace Comments
4.1.3. ACD Definitions
4.1.4. Parameters and Qualifiers Prompting Behaviour and Default Values Help Information Examples
4.1.5. ACD File Sections Sections in an ACD File Input section Required section Additional section Advanced section Output section Example Standard File Sections (sections.standard file)
4.2. Application Definition
4.2.1. Application Definition Format
4.2.2. Application Attributes
4.2.3. Application Documentation Application Keywords File (keywords.standard)
4.2.4. Application Groups Application Group Names File (groups.standard)
4.3. Data Definition
4.3.1. Data Definition Format
4.3.2. Parameter Naming Conventions
4.3.3. ACD Datatypes Groupings of ACD Datatypes Simple ACD Datatypes Input ACD Datatypes Output ACD Datatypes Selection ACD Datatypes Graphics ACD Datatypes
4.3.4. Types of Data Attributes
4.3.5. Global Attributes Parameters and Qualifiers User Prompting Datatype Definition Help Information and Documentation Hints for GUIs For use by SOAPLAB
4.3.6. Datatype-specific Attributes Attributes for Simple ACD Datatypes Attributes for Input ACD Datatypes Attributes for Output ACD Datatypes Attributes for Selection ACD Datatypes Attributes for Graphics ACD Datatypes
4.3.7. Attributes for Datatype-associated Qualifiers
4.3.8. Introduction to Calculated Attributes Retrieving Values of Calculated Attributes Sequence Calculated Attributes Feature Calculated Attributes
4.4. Operations
4.4.1. Types of Operation
4.4.2. General Operation Syntax Arithmetic Operators Logical Operators Equality Operators Conditional Operators
4.4.3. Retrieving Data Values in ACD Files.
4.4.4. Calculations and Tests Arithmetic Operations Tests for Equality Boolean Tests
4.4.5. Conditional Statements Unary Conditional Statements Ternary Conditional Case Conditional
4.4.6. Use of Variables Automatic Variables
4.5. Controlling the Prompt
4.5.1. Introduction
4.5.2. Parameters
4.5.3. Qualifiers
4.5.4. Defaults
4.5.5. Maxima and Minima
4.5.6. Setting the Prompts
4.5.7. Negation
4.5.8. Boolean Datatypes Prompting for boolean Values
4.6. ACD Utilities
4.6.1. Introduction
4.6.2. Using the Utilities
4.6.3. Global Qualifiers
4.6.4. Description of Utilities acdc acdtrace acdvalid acdlog acdpretty acdtable
4.6.5. Use of entrails