B.4. NUCLEUS Library Files

Table B.2. NUCLEUS Library Files
TopicLibrary fileShort description
AlignmentsembalnSequence alignment
Consensus sequencesembconsConsensus
Data file utilitiesembdataData files
Database indexing using EMBL-CD indicesembdbiDatabase index
Domainatrix package algorithmsembdmxDomainatrix methods
Domain algorithmsembdomainDomain methods
EST algorithmsembestEST methods
Exit calls for applicationsembexitExit methods
Groups of applicationsembgroupGroups
Isoelectric point utilitiesembiepProtein properties
Indexing databases using B+ treesembindexIndexing
Initialising internalsembinitInitialization
Comparison matricesembmatComparison matrices
Miscellaneous methodsembmiscMiscellaneous methods
Molecular fragment algorithmsembmolMolecular fragments
N-mer (word) algorithmsembnmerWord (n-mer) methods
Pattern matching algorithmsembpatPattern matching methods
Pattern list file readingembpatlistPattern list input methods
Protein databank (PDB) structure file utilitiesembpdbProtein data bank
Properties of protein sequencesembpropSequence properties
Reading data filesembreadReading data files
Showing sequences in pretty formatsembshowShow (display) methods
Signatures of protein domainsembsigSignature methods
Word matching algorithmsembwordWord methods
Include file for all applicationsembossMaster include file